The Ultimate Style Tips To Choosing The Perfect Kurta Bandi Set For Festival

Festivals in India are authentic celebrations of culture, customs, and community. These significant events necessitate exceptional dress, and the Kurta Bandi set for men has endured the test of time and remains a popular choice. A well-chosen Kurta Bandi set may boost your style and make you the centre of attention whether you attend Diwali celebrations, Eid festivities, or any other cultural event.
So, are you all set for the festivities that are on the way? If wearing a kurta set - you cannot just wear anything. It is essential to look the best, requiring you to shop one of the finest and trending kurtas. So, let’s have a quick view at some fantastic tips by which you can choose an appropriate kurta bandi set for festivities.

Recognize The Situation

Understanding the nature of the event is critical before you start shopping for your festival costume. Specific festivals' formality and cultural significance should affect your choice of a stylish kurta for men.
For significant occasions such as Diwali or Eid, choose a beautifully embroidered and sumptuous designer kurta for men with a bandi. A simpler and more comfortable set may be better for informal and laid-back occasions like family reunions.

Use Traditional Fabrics

The choice of fabric is one of the essential components that determine the allure of a Kurta Bandi set. Traditional Indian materials like silk, brocade, cotton, and linen are timeless alternatives that look beautiful and provide comfort during the festivities. Here’s a list of popular fabrics from which you can select:


  • Silk Kurta Bandi sets exemplify grandeur and elegance. They are ideal for formal gatherings and celebrations with high luxury. For instance, look at our Orchid Lavender Festive Kurta Bandi Set, curated with blended silk fabric. Shop this unique pastel outfit with embroidered accents that are both simple and classy, as it is ideal for your Diwali party.
  • Brocade textiles are distinguished by elaborate patterns woven with gold or silver threads. They are ideal for adding a touch of luxury to your ensemble.
  • Cotton is a kind of fabric.Kurta Bandi sets are perfect for daytime and informal occasions. Because they are breathable and comfy, they are a favourite option for summer festivals.
  • Linen provides a comfortable and sophisticated aesthetic. It is ideal for events held throughout the summer months.


Choose Vibrant Colours

Colours are celebrated during festivals, and your choice of colours may significantly influence your appearance. Vibrant and rich colors are the standard for festival dress, so think deep red, royal blue, emerald green, and golden tones.


  • Red represents auspiciousness and is a common color choice for holidays such as Diwali and weddings. This traditional hue can be paired with light colour bottoms and bandi for an extended look.
  • If you like to go a bit simpler, shades of blue would emanate regal majesty. Also, it is a versatile hue that works well for various circumstances. The best from our festive collection in blue is an ink blue printed kurta bandi set, which entails several prints and contrasts in it. This printed kurta for men is perfect for any traditional rituals.
  • Another festive colour we recommend is Green because it is connected with prosperity and freshness. The hue is an excellent option for Dussehra and Ganesh festivals.
  • Do you like the bling in your outfit? Gold is the best to go with! It is associated with richness and is frequently used for exquisite embroidery and ornamentation on Kurta Bandi sets. You can prefer a golden-worked kurta or one in a solid hue paired with subtle bottoms to break the monotony.


Concentrate on the Fit

A well-fitted Kurta Bandi combo may make or break your overall appearance. The trick is to find the perfect blend of comfort and flair. Below are some tips on how you can ace the best kurta for men with a perfect fit.


  • The kurta's length should ideally terminate at your knees, with sleeves reaching your wrist. Ensure it's not too baggy or tight across the chest and waist.
  • The bandi should fit firmly around your torso while allowing for unrestricted mobility. It should complement the colour and pattern of the kurta. However, there is an exception here! Some bandis are longer in length, depending on the style of the kurta set. Check out the Classic Ecru Kurta With Fusion Jacket for such inspiration
  • Embellishments and embroidery are pretty crucial in improving the attractiveness of a Kurta Bandi set. In India, several areas have unique embroidery styles, such as zardozi, chikankari, and phulkari. Choose an attire that reflects your unique flair while complementing the festival's theme.
  • Take note of the neckline and collar. Your Kurta Bandi set's neckline and collar style may make your outfit stand out. Mandarin collar, round neck, and V-neck are some options.


Consider Your Accessories Carefully

The finishing touch that may convert your Kurta Bandi set into a grand festival costume is accessories. Consider include the following, depending on the festival and your unique style:


  • Wear a turban or safa in complementary colors and designs for a more traditional look.
  • Combine the Kurta Bandi set with a matching or contrasting dupatta to enhance elegance and grace.
  • Traditional footwear such as mojaris, loafers, and juttis can round off the look. You can also wear kolhapuris like that worn under this elegant vintage beige floral kurta bandi set.
  • Investing in a mix-and-match Kurta Bandi set might increase the adaptability of your festival attire. Instead of purchasing many sets, you may mix and match different kurtas and bandis. This allows you to create a variety of outfits without breaking the bank.



Don't forget to include your particular flair in your festival ensemble. Fabric, colour, fit, decorations, and personal style all play a role in selecting the appropriate Kurta Bandi outfit for festivals. You may shop for a festival dress that pays attention to tradition and displays your individuality by following these ultimate style recommendations. Kora knows how to make a festival worth remembering. So buy from our online store and proudly wear your Kurta Bandi set. Enjoy the celebrations!