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Nilesh and Mitesh, a creative team, launched KORA by Nilesh Mitesh in 2011, a company that exclusively focuses on the fundamental principles underlying all fashion values. Foremost for mens & boys, this one-stop-shop provides the highest calibre of traditional clothing. The designs have been altering industry standards and embracing unnoticed fusion fashion of men's haute couture and traditional forms of craft hitherto. With a massive in-house team of designers, masters, and artisans, Kora by Nilesh Mitesh has erected flags of its kingdom year after year in several places, beginning with Mumbai's City of Dreams (Borivali and Santa Cruz) and moving on to Dubai's International Fashion Hub (Meena Bazar).


Every ceremony at an Indian wedding calls for a multitude of traditional Indian clothing, and this is true for all of the events that take place. Traditional Indian clothing for men includes a wide variety of Indo Western, Jodhpuris, stylish Sherwani sets, and more, in addition to Kurta sets.



Exclusively with Kora by Nilesh Mitesh, shopping for wedding essentials for the groom and groomsmen is now a hassle-free online experience. Adorable handmade features like Zardozi stitching, high-end stonework, delicate sequin decorations, and moti work capture the spirit of the long-standing pursuit of the traditional sense of style. The concept of cultural variety in India creates the most exquisite synthesis of various options and definitions for Indian wedding attire for guys. The origins of Kora by Nilesh Mitesh Menswear extend to KoraKidswear for infants to teenagers.


The traditional Indian cultural collection exudes beauty and elegance. Our most recent collection of men's and boy's ethnic wear is elegant, traditional, and precisely matched to produce a feeling of current taste. Our most recent collection is an exclusive depiction of new trends and current styles to ensure you look your most fashionable self on any occasion or event while also maintaining the modesty of traditional Indian ethnic att/'ire, whether it is an elegant wedding sherwani, a classic wedding Indo Western, a easy and breezy Kurtas, or stunning Accessories for men or boys. Choose the ideal clothing for your forthcoming special events from various color selections, the greatest fabrics, and the most recent styles available online. To have a flawless online buying experience, Kora by Nilesh Mitesh ensures that the entire collection is rich, exceptional, and beautiful. Wherever you go, people will see the ideal representation of grace and beauty thanks to your outfit and the ideal accessory! Wedding dresses for men are available for receptions, engagements, Haldi, and other festivities.

Men's Regal Indian Ethnic Wear For You By Kora

The eras when there were just a few options for traditional outfit for men have long gone. Indian celebrations and weddings make it possible to escape daily clothing routines and embrace the grandeur that is in the traditional clothes. We understand that you want your heritage showcased elegantly, because of this; we have gone beyond the ordinary and made a collection out of it all, turning you into a perfect example of sophistication.

Indian celebrations are characterized by an elated atmosphere that is not there in Western attire appears as it is too casual,. Ethnic outfits on the other hand are works of art woven with skillfulness and tradition. Everything from detailed needlework to lavish fabrics speaks volumes about your shared cultural history.

An Explosion of Pattern, Vibrance, and Option: Kora's Ethnic Group

Kora believes that there should be no one size fits all for ethnic clothing. We, therefore, have many options to cater for everyone’s personality and tastes.

Sherwanis and Kurtas: These beautiful sherwanis are excellent for semi-formal and formal events with their timeless designs. Our Indian wedding dresses for men are made from rich fabrics with intricate work on them giving a pompous look of a Maharaja who wants to feel more royal in style.

Indo-Western: Wanting a unique blend of the modern and traditional? Look no further than our Indo-Western collection. In this way, one can express his or her individuality while not forsaking his or her Indian roots by marrying contemporary trends designed in western styles.

Jodhpuris: Get the Jodhpur look with our range of Jodhpuri suits. These stylish narrow-legged trousers radiate refinement, making them great for festivals, weddings and having fun with friends at night.

A Customized Purchasing Experience For All

At Kora, we believe that shopping should be as amazing as the clothes themselves. You can easily navigate through our large selection divided by occasion, style or even color - thanks to our user-friendly website.

Picking one ideal outfit might be really hard though; hence we offer custom advice during video consultations. Just book an appointment with one of our personal stylists who will guide you through our stock while tailoring their suggestions according to your specific needs and preferences.

With Kora, Celebrate Your Culture in Style

Choosing Kora is investing in culture instead of mere clothes. We give you an opportunity to explore your background and make a lasting difference rather than just an outfit.

Check out our selection now to get the perfect ethnic wear men you need to up your ethnic dress game. Every event becomes a chance to showcase your culture and exude classic elegance when you wear Kora. Don't just put on clothing; take pride in your background.


Wearing ethnic clothing gives you a rare chance to embrace your history and mark
important occasions with elegance. Its luxurious materials, fine craftsmanship,
and a hint of opulence set it apart from casual clothing and give you an air of
sophistication and self-assurance.

We accommodate a wide range of tastes and trends. You may discover the ideal
costume for every occasion, ranging from classic kurtas and regal sherwanis to
chic Indo-Western ensembles and elegant Jodhpuris.

Of course! Kora makes tailored suggestions. To get started, just set up a video
appointment with one of our style experts. They will walk you through the
collection taking into account your body shape, tastes, and occasion.

We are aware of how crucial a proper fit is. Kora offers bespoke alterations so that the
clothing you have chosen fits well on you and leaves a lasting impression.

You may browse through a variety of clothes that are sorted by occasion, style, and color on
our easy-to-use website. In addition, you may arrange consultations and take
advantage of our other special offers, including free delivery.

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