Style Tips For Men: Choosing The Right Sherwani For Wedding Event

Weddings in India are full of colours, traditions, customs, people and of course, clothes. Even a far-off guest at a wedding is all decked up in their best. As the trend to click pictures and post them on social media is on lately - people are dressing their best for every occasion. While guests charm with their unique presence, the aura of the groom and bride is a whole new vibe!

The bride is always stunning in her beautiful lehenga. But what about the groom? There are multiple options for modern grooms, but one outfit that stands out the most in a wedding ceremony is the sherwani. Wedding sherwani not only embraces the groom but also complements the bride. As a groom, have you finalized on sherwani for yourself? We are sure you want to look suave and add pizzazz to your personality on your special day. And this is where your hunt ends!

We at Kora have brought some amazing tips to help you find the best sherwani for wedding events. Do you want to nail your Dulha look as well? As we proceed, glance through our sherwani style tips, too.

Select On Basis Of Event

Before entering into the world of shopping sherwani for men - it is essential to know for which wedding celebration you are selecting a sherwani. Indian weddings have many events such as sangeet, mehendi, haldi, phera, reception, etc. Every event demands a different type of sherwani.

For instance, choose a classic, elaborately embroidered sherwani in rich colours like crimson, maroon, or gold for the wedding ceremony. These colours represent auspiciousness and are ideal for the seriousness of the occasion.

On the other hand, you can choose lighter colours, such as pastels or vivid tints, for the sangeet and mehndi rituals. Sherwanis with elaborate embroidery and designs, such as a Classic beige Embellished Pure Raw Silk Sherwani Set, are perfect to add an exquisite charm to such occasions.

For the reception, go all out in a regal and extravagant designer sherwani. Consider unusual fabrics such as velvet or brocade, and don't be afraid to use decorations and jewel tones.

Consider Body Type

Dressing for your body type is one of the most crucial style advice for men. Sherwanis come in various styles, and understanding your body type can help you pick one that flatters your figure. You can wear a long sherwani with a straight cut if you have a slim and tall physique. This design provides height and balance to the overall image.

If you have a larger body frame, choose an A-line or Angrakha-style sherwani like a Pearl Orchid Embellished Sherwani Set For Wedding from our collection. The undertone kurta with a sherwani coat on top and a matching dupatta will accentuate your body shape entirely.

These patterns provide the appearance of a thinner waist and a more proportional figure. And if you are of medium height and build, you can pick from various styles of sherwani for groom. However, lengthy sherwanis should be avoided since they might overpower your figure.

Fabric Is Important

The cloth used is critical in providing comfort and elegance. Sherwanis for marriage come in various materials, each with its own distinct appearance and feel. Silk sherwanis meets the old is a gold phenomenon. They are perfect for formal weddings and celebrations.

Conversely, velvet sherwanis are ideal for a majestic and rich appearance. They are ideally suited for evening occasions, particularly in the winter.

Brocade or jacquard sherwanis are popular for weddings due to the complex designs woven into the cloth. A glazing grey embellished sherwani set is a must-watch if you are a jacquard material fan.

Linen sherwanis are also popular among grooms since they are lightweight and breathable. This quality makes them ideal for summer weddings or daytime gatherings.

Take Note of the Embellishments

A groom sherwani for wedding should have elaborate embroidery and decorations. But choosing the proper work is essential as it may ruin or make your outfit. Zari embroidery, stone decorations, sequins, and threadwork decorate traditional sherwanis. Remember, the decorations used should be appropriate for the event's formality.

Opt for lavishly embroidered sherwanis with exquisite zardozi or gotta patti work for a superb wedding celebration. Thread Embroidered Royal Sherwani Set For Groom from our collection meets the finesse you might want. Its simplicity meets elegance! Lighter embroidery and decorations are appropriate for pre-wedding events like the sangeet and mehndi. You can even go with Minimalistic embroidery or self-textured sherwanis for a small wedding ceremony.

Colours That Go Together

Coordinating your sherwani with the bride's gown and the wedding colour scheme is critical. While colour matching is not required, a complementary colour scheme can improve the aesthetic attractiveness of wedding images. Discuss colour schemes with your bride-to-be to ensure that your clothing matches.

Additionally, consider the colour of your turban, stole, and footwear since these should complement your sherwani. Or it's better to purchase the accessories after purchasing a sherwani.

Tailoring Is Crucial

A poorly fitting suit may spoil the look, no matter how beautiful your sherwani is. Invest in skilled tailoring to ensure the quality of your sherwani. For instance, when you purchase a sherwani from us, you can access our online measurement chart and take a sherwani as per the sizes available. When the outfit is delivered to you, have numerous fitting sessions to make any required tweaks and revisions. Pay attention to the sherwani's length, sleeve fit, and shoulder breadth. The sherwani should enable you to move freely because you'll participate in many rites and ceremonies.

Once the sherwani is finalized, it is time to properly style a marriage sherwani for men. Wedding events, whether big or small, demand different looks. Therefore, you must accessorize every bit efficiently. Below are some styling tips to follow when wearing a wedding sherwani.


  • Match your turban to the colour of your sherwani, or choose a contrasting hue that suits the overall motif.
  • Traditional juttis or mojaris are common footwear alternatives for sherwani attire. Make sure they are comfortable since you will be on your feet for long periods of time during the wedding.
  • To add a touch of sophistication to your sherwani, consider adding a statement item such as a Kundan necklace or a brooch.
  • A well-coordinated pocket square may add a touch of class to your sherwani suit.


Choosing the perfect sherwani for wedding is an extensive choice for any man. It represents heritage, culture, and personal style. The above top will help you choose the appropriate sherwani to make you look your best and feel confident on your big day. Remember that your sherwani should be more than simply a garment; it should represent your personality and the occasion's significance. So, visit our store and get the best designer sherwani for your day!