Sherwani Swagger: The Groom's Guide to Ethnic Indian Clothing

Future grooms, be ready to steal the show! While honoring love is the main focus of your wedding day, let's face it—you also want to appear like a dashing prince. And how better to achieve it than by embracing the diverse range of traditional Indian clothing? It is time to embrace your inner maharaja and wear a sherwani that says volumes about your style and ancestry. Ditch the suits (unless your wedding is taking place somewhere!).


Steeped in centuries of history, the sherwani for groom is an enduring article of clothing. In India, grooms wear it as a sign of ethnic pride, having originated as a garment for royalty and aristocracy. Its elaborate embroidery, long, flowing coat, and opulent materials give off an appearance of grandeur and refinement

The sherwani is beautiful, but it is not a one-size-fits-all design. It is a blank canvas that you may customize to fit your wedding theme and personal style. Now let's explore the fascinating realm of sherwani options!

Fabric Fantasies

The clothes you select determine the overall style of your ensemble. Silk is your best bet for an elegant, traditional look. Elegance emanates from its lustrous luster and silky texture. While velvet is ideal for winter wedding sherwani adding warmth and refinement, brocade provides a hint of regal texture. Try using lighter materials like linen or cotton blends for a more modern style. They preserve the essential elements of the sherwani while adding a contemporary touch.

Color Charisma

Put away your monochrome tuxedo! The sherwani unveils a vivid rainbow of hues. Though classic options like maroon, gold, and ivory are always exquisite, don't be scared to try new things. Emerald green, sapphire blue and even deep fuchsia are examples of jewel tones that may make a striking impression. Try delicate tones of pink, cream, or sky blue for a light, summery feel if pastels are your thing. Always keep in mind that the secret is to select a color that goes well with your skin tone and wedding theme.

Embroidered Elegance

The sherwani’s essence is its embroidery. It is an opportunity to share your narrative, include cherished family customs, and give it a uniquely personalized touch—it is more than simply décor. Popular designs feature flowers, which stand for wealth and fresh starts. Geometric patterns give a contemporary edge, while paisley motifs lend a whimsical touch. To really create your sherwani one-of-a-kind, don't be scared to combine different designs or even go with striking thread colors.

Make Final Details To Complete Your Look Like a Maharaja

Without the appropriate accessories, no regal outfit is complete. The pinnacle of the sherwani style is the pagdi, or turban. Pick a fabric and color that go well with your groom sherwani, and don't be afraid to glam it up with feathers or gems. The addition of jewelry elevates the style even further. Depending on your style, choose between a delicate pendant and a striking necklace. Not to mention the shoes! On the dance floor, mojris, or handmade shoes made of lush leather, enhance your appearance while providing comfort.

Bonus Advice

Never undervalue the impact of a well-fitting wedding sherwani for men. Have yourself measured by a professional tailor to make sure it fits your body perfectly. Your self-esteem will soar and you'll feel like the king of the castle—or, at the very least, the king of the dance floor—when everything fits perfectly.

Styles of Sherwanis for Every Groom

To accommodate various personalities and wedding themes, let's now examine several particular sherwani styles:

The Traditionalist

A traditional sherwani with elaborate embroidery in gold or ivory is the ideal option for people who value timeless elegance. For an unquestionably royal appearance, wear it with a matching churidar and a majestic pagri.

The Modern Maharaja

Seeking a modern take on history? Consider wearing a sherwani in a striking shade of deep blue or emerald green. For a trendy look, choose clean lines and a little embroidery. For a little edge, accessorize with striking jewelry and stylish shoes.

The Destination Dream

Considering getting married on the beachside destination? A lightweight linen or cotton sherwani in a pastel tint is a better option than bulky, heavier textiles. A breezy pagdi and floral embroidery offer a hint of tropical style. Minimize the number of accessories.

Custom-Made Sherwanis and Themed Weddings

Your attire should celebrate your special love story, which is what your wedding is all about! By adding components that go with your wedding theme, you may elevate your sherwani.

The Vintage Romance

Are you organizing a wedding with a vintage theme? Wear a sherwani in opulent brocade or velvet to emulate the Roaring Twenties. For a Gatsby-inspired look, use geometric embroidered designs and pair them with suspenders and a feathered pagri.

The Fairytale Fet

Have visions of a wedding straight out of a fairy tale? Make your sherwani a work of art fit for a prince! Select a gentle pastel hue, such as sky blue or blush pink, and embellish with intricate flower embroidery. A diamond pagri completes the fantasy image, while a billowing cloak adds a dash of drama.

The Bohemian Bash

Considering a carefree, bohemian nuptial? Give off a free-spirited vibe with your sherwani! Select a lightweight fabric in earthy tones such as beige or brown, such as linen or cotton. A straightforward pagri with feathers or beads finishes the design, while floral embroidery with colorful bursts provides a whimsical touch.

Grooms-to-be, never forget that your wedding dress should be a celebration of your ancestry and individuality. Accept the diverse world of ethnic Indian clothing; play around with colors and designs to get the look that best suits your personality and makes you feel like the regal protagonist of your own story.

Lastly, a few further pointers:

Purchase in advance

Shop well in advance of your wedding, as popular sherwani styles sell out rapidly. Visit Kora for exquisite ethnic menswear.  Buy sherwani online  and skip the hassle of wasting time, and effort.

Make sensible accessory choices

Selecting accessories that go well with a sherwani for men and wedding theme can help you seem better.

The secret is confidence

The most valuable addition is your self-assurance! Thus, exude enthusiasm on your big day, stand tall, and own your appearance.

You'll be the most stylish groom ever if you follow these suggestions and add a little of your own flare!