Sherwani in Destination Weddings: Styling Tips for Different Locations

Sherwani for men is one of the emerging trends that more and more grooms opt for destination weddings. Sitting somewhere between gorgeous landscapes and exotic environments, the groom’s clothing is still a component that should harmonize with the overall look. The sherwani, particularly a stunning red one, is fit for the occasion because of its cultural symbolism and appearance.

Below are some styling tips for a red wedding sherwani for groom to be worn at different destination weddings with two product recommendations of stunning ensembles from our inventory.

Beach Wedding - Fun and Flair

Many people like bright light fabrics along with minimum embellishment or use of zari. Ideally, beach weddings draw a lot from sand and the sea hence the utilization of the two elements is encouraged. For such a setting, the right wedding sherwani for men should be picked in such a manner that it can be worn with ease without having to compromise on the glam factor. You should stick to light-coloured fabrics such as cotton or linen for the summer season. Red sherwani without embroidery work can look elegant yet comfortable to wear for the guests.

Mountain Wedding: Select Rich Textures and Highly Elaborate Embroidery

Weddings carried out in the mountains tend to be beautiful since it is quiet and chilly. To complement such a location, go for a designer sherwani for groom made of classy fabrics such as silk or velvet materials. Geometry and other unique designs as well as embroidery and other decorations can add opulent features to the clothes.

Desert Wedding: Take Your Hat Off to Earthen Colors and Statement Pieces

These particular weddings are centered on the spectacular dashing and blazon colors of the desert. This outfit is well correlated because a red-coloured sherwani looks very good when worn on a sand-colored set. Select a design that has more of the earthen color and bolder accessories and lights following the dramatic mount.

Palace Wedding: Going for Opulence with Rich Colors, Heavy Embroideries

It is with palace marriage that luxury par excellence is portrayed. To complement this royal style of the wedding ceremony, you need to wear a men’s sherwani of bold and dark colour with a sympathetic density of ornament. Shades of yellow and every kind of brown look rather majestic, therefore gold and maroon are perfect. 

Kora’s Top Picks Of Red Sherwani

Pearl White and Maroon Sherwani for Men 

This sherwani for wedding is a blend of maroon and pearl white which will be ideal for couples planning to have a beach wedding. The lighter shade of color balances things out and does not cram in too many clichés of ancient Asian opulence, and maroon interiors just give it that classic luxurious feel.

Styling Tip: A simple, yet classy maroon turban to accessorize the outfit should suffice without overpowering the beach style.

Golden and Rustic Maroon Sherwani Kurta Set

This designer sherwani for men has a motif of a maroon sherwani embedded with rustic golden highlights and is appropriate for shooting at the mountains. It is aesthetic in design as it harmonizes with the colour of the environment and gives a royal appeal to the attire.

Styling Tip: Best to be worn with light-hued footwear preferably chocolate brown and the accessories should also be kept to a minimum, especially the jewelry. A simple, yet elegant, maroon color fur turban should be enough without being too much for the beach look.


It becomes essential that the proper choice of sherwani for groom is made when going to a place of a destination wedding. If you intend to have a wedding on the beach, mountain, desert, or a palace - then the secret is to keep it comfortable without compromising on the style. The Pearl White and Maroon Sherwani for Men and the Golden and Rustic Maroon Sherwani Kurta Set easily fit the environment of a destination wedding due to their versatile design and colour patterns. If accessorized properly and appropriate attention is paid to details, any of these sherwanis can turn a groom into a star on his wedding day.