Kurta Bandi Set For Men: Know About It And Style Them Ethnically

Kurta bandi set is very trending these days as it adds a new and unique touch to regular traditional dressing. This piece of clothing is so versatile that it can be worn on any occasion whether formal or informal. Isn’t that great? This makes the kurta pajama bandi set one of the most loved garb among men. It gives a respectable and fashionable stance at any event.

But pairing a kurta bandi set with anything is not at all easy. It needs to be done with care. We at Koranm are there for your assistance. We can help achieve the best look with an ethnic classic bandi set that shall make you suave. But first, let us have a look at the types of bandi sets that are in vogue currently. The bandi set styles will help you select a complete set easily.

Plain Bandi Sets

Simple is new classy! The plain bandi style follows this quote. It is definitely simple and very basic but no doubt, it is very elegant and classy. For instance, if there is a small Haldi function or any patriotic event – you can adorn this type. So, select a simple kurta set in this case.

Printed Bandi Set

There are numerous prints on fabrics that are available in the market. Do you know you can get all of them in a jacket set? Yes, it is possible! A printed kurta bandi set for men can have an end number of prints such as stripes, florals, geometric, and abstracts. Such bandi suits shall look good on solid colour attires as they will stand out completely.

Heavy Work Bandi Set

Are you a groom or a groomsman who is planning to wear a bandi on a wedding-like occasion? Well, the heavy work bandi is just for you then. Also known as a kurta pajama bandi set, these types of jackets are full of heavy embroideries, gota work, mirror work, zardozi work or varied sequences. The art on the bandi set makes it distinctive and ideal to wear at special events.

Sleeved Bandi Suits

Bandis are not always sleeveless. The new trend has brought in bandi patterns that have full sleeves. In short, they can be worn with a sleeveless kurta altogether. The full-sleeve jacket is the new trend that comes in a variety of prints and patterns. It generally comes in sets which are well-matched with a kurta pyjama.

Now, that you know the major types of bandi seta, would you like to have a look at some styling inspiration? Koranm is at the rescue again! Our collection has some amazing bandi sets that are segregated as per the look. We hope that it will be perfect for you. So, let’s see some trending bandi styles from our exclusive range as per the occasion.

Casual Look

Are you planning to attend any formal event and plan to look minimalistic? Check out our cobalt blue and white printed bandi jacket with a white shirt and pants. Similarly, you will find many prints and colours in the same pattern. The bandi pattern is available in both formal as well as traditional clothing such as a dhoti kurta.

Wedding Look

A wedding is an event where you can showcase your personality. We recommend you wear something remarkable and rejoicing to enhance your aura. It is time to where something mesmerizing and traditional. A nice jacquard bandi or a sequenced one shall look stunning. You can even try our long bandi set. style which is a charcoal black kurta with a paisley print bandi jacket set. This pattern is totally unique and a perfect fit for you if you are a groomsman or bridesman.

Statement Look

Would you like to create a statement look of yours? Well, there is a lot that we can recommend from our collection. All you have to do is search for bandi sets on our website and you will find a wide array of statement bandi sets. Pair it with nice loafers, shades, or other accessories to complete your entire look.

Have you already started imagining yourself in our quintessential bandi sets? Bring it to reality today! Purchase the best from our online collection and we promise you to give the attires at affordable rates with no compromise in quality. Hurry and shop today.