Kora’s Sherwani Styles For This Year’s Wedding Season

Are you planning your wedding or is the date near? Just like the bride, a groom also has to go through so many preparations, and the preparations a groom has to make are always underestimated.

Selecting the right sherwani for men is often the most challenging thing to do. Sometimes you may fail to locate the right fabric to carve out your designs and sometimes what you get may not be the right size and colour. Now and then, when you decide that you have searched enough to get the perfect wedding sherwani for groom, you will always have that doubt. Koranm knows every groom’s worries, and this is the reason that we have some amazing sherwani styles for men so that the best one can be chosen.

Embroidered Sherwanis

Are you looking for something attractive and sophisticated? If yes, embroidered sherwani is specially made for you. But whichever of the colours may appeal to you, you will come across some splendid embroidery work done on the sherwanis in this collection and in different styles.

Simplistic Sherwanis

Do you find heavy and jazzy work stressful? For basic simple and elegant men, we have something that they will find pleasure in wearing classical and that is basic plain sherwanis. These men’s sherwani have no prints and designs but are just developed from fine fabric that itself is enough to create a difference. 

Printed Sherwanis

If it is the first time that one is wearing a sherwani, then it can be somewhat challenging. Here, the best bet has to be printed sherwanis that are lightweight and immensely popular among the crowd. The options in this case are numerous - one can select florals, abstracts, stripes, paisleys, and many other royal prints.

Embellished Sherwanis

Almost all men like to wear an outfit that bears some form of work in it. For instance, mirror work, zardozi, or any other types. Are you one of them? We then provide a sherwani style that is really preferred by many people today. Embellished sherwani for the wedding is a sturdier informal attire for a groom that can be worn for a phera ceremony, or sangeet. It comes in various motifs and patterns. By the same token, you can even match with your better half regarding the type of embellishment.

Textured Sherwanis

If one could wear a garment that represents pure luxury that is not in your face, would that not be great? Amazing, right? Well, for this, we would suggest that you should look at the available textured sherwanis in our collection. Sherwanis with textured fabrics are trendy, bare, and can be accompanied by any type of accessory.

Indo-western Sherwanis

Do you have a goal of taking a modern look that will accentuate yourself? We indeed are happy to bring out some Indo-western style sherwani to make your sharp features better. Think about yourself as a fashionable groom walking down the aisle with those shoulder broads that will be well illuminated when you are dressed up in your indo-western sherwani. Don’t you look dapper? Well, we knew it!

Jacket Sherwanis

Naturally, if you seek something modern or postmodern, we can show you some distinctive examples. Finally, how can one spice up a monotonous traditional dress for men, by perhaps putting on a jacket on it? Yes sweet to shall, you appear dapper and distinctive. As for the combination of a jacket and an inner kurta, one may have a contrasting colour shade with the new borders and prints. Don’t you agree?

Patiala Sherwanis

Sherwani is best worn with pants or churidar. Naehh… How about pairing it up with Patiala bottoms? That is a completely new and trend-setting sherwani style that you can choose to wear. And what is even better? This designer sherwani for men can be worn for weddings to look smart and properly dressed for any wedding function.