Indo-western And Groom – The New Trending Combination In Men’s Fashion

Are you having trouble finding the proper outfit to wear to your wedding events? For being the centre of attraction, you have to search an attire that is neither too loud nor too plain. At the same time, it should accentuate the groom’s feel! Why not wear a conventional sherwani? It may sound quite antiquated and monotonous to you, but wait – we mean something else.

What if we told you that it is possible to give ordinary clothing a Western twist? Creating an Indo-Western appearance is doable. Wearing an Indo-Western ensemble not only adds style and sophistication but also makes a strong impact.

So, are you ready to enter the world of Indian and Western fashion? Called an Indo-western dress for men – this piece of clothing is now a rage among grooms too. So, ditch the regular sherwani and say yes to the fresh indo-western attires. Let's have a look at some fashionable Indo-Western outfits that any groom can wear.

Wear More Layers Of Clothing

You undoubtedly must have seen guys carrying a kurta and chinos. Let's style that for the purpose and get it out there. Does anyone know how? Just pick a nice elegant kurta from us and wear it over another item of clothing, such as a coat or bandh gala. This is how it will turn into a classy Indo-Western outfit for men . In other words, you occasionally have two different outfits.

Using colours that contrast will make this appear even more amazing. For instance, a red velvet sherwani with an all-over black kurta and trousers will look gorgeous. You can also choose to wear a white kurta over a little dark blue Jodhpuri jacket.

Tie Up Your Style With A Belt

Indian men have worn bandis or Nehru jackets with kurta sets for centuries. This look is still popular, although in a slightly different way. The only thing that needs to be added is a belt. Put a jacket over your everyday bandi kurta set or a sherwani and fasten it with a semi-formal belt. It's that easy! This carefree attire is fantastic and different. We are confident that if you wear this style, you will get the focus of most of the crowd.

Also, you may try out different designs and patterns on coats. Nehru jackets are also offered in contemporary designs, including flowers, abstracts, and distinctive embroidery. These may be worn with any sherwani that is a dark colour to add more style. This Indo-Western wear for men is going to look great!

The Not-So-Regular Pant Set

The bottom is frequently simple and is of plain colour in sherwanis or kurta combinations. Would you like to carry this outdated version even today? Obviously not! So, here’s when you will bring the twist. As a groom, you can try patterned trousers as well. These trousers are not like the typical, conventional ones. It is typically made from glossy textiles and includes a variety of themes, prints, and styles. This design looks best when worn with brocade or silhouette cotton print pants. Even if your top is simple, don't worry; this particular kind of trousers will be the only thing drawing attention.

Irregular Cuts And Asymmetric

Kurtas that are asymmetrical have always been in style. In fact, new asymmetrical sherwanis are becoming popular every day. The stunning unbalanced slashes at the hem's end give the ensemble more punch. Not only this, but there are also other patterns present, such as an asymmetrical drape, undertone clothes, and an attractive A-Line cut.

You can put on a variety of asymmetrical sherwanis to see which best matches your personality. Trust us; once you wear this, you will be the most remembered groom ever.

Dhoti + Blazer = Unmatched Combo

Consider wearing a Western blazer with an Indian dhoti. Unable to imagine the outfit? Yeah, it makes sense, given how uncommon this style of appearance is. One explanation might be that some find pairing the two odd. Nonetheless, this costume appears stunning when you watch models strolling down the runway. You can even appear the same! Imagine yourself doing the same, walking the aisle to your own wedding. Just throw a coat on top of a dhoti and a regular kurta to complete the look.

You may choose to open up or shut the buttons. It all depends on you. What about a silky royal green blazer over a white dhoti kurta? Unusual, yes? That is how you ought to be! If you want to differentiate yourself from other grooms, try this look.

Select The Drape For You

With the recent trend, drapes have found a place in male clothing. To lend a Western flair, the conventional sherwani now features drapes. In a word, a drape transforms the traditional style into something more contemporary. Some popular patterns in this category include front drapes, lateral drapes, drop drapes, pleats, folds, and flares. Test it, then say thanks to us!

What does it feel like to witness so many indo-western for men fashions? There are several options for such clothing that you may wear to weddings and other events. Grab all of them at our online store, where you may browse our impressive variety of Indo-Western dress items. We have it all to suit your taste. To improve your personality, you ought to attempt these best ones. So, let's bid the old-style farewell and embrace the fresh one! Begin your shopping for Indo-western outfits today only from Kora.