Guide To Wearing Kurta As Per Festivities

They are airy and flexible enough to dress on fancy evenings or casual outings. While having its roots in India, the men's Kurta is today revered across the globe. The donning of kurta pyjamas is still required on formal occasions in order to give them a traditional feel. Have you witnessed foreigners adorning kurta sets? They have adapted this Indian clothing wholeheartedly. Currently, there are endless styles of kurta in the market. Many men have the dilemma of choosing the right one. And if at all, when the choice is made – styling is still an issue! We understand that dressing appropriately in a kurta can be difficult. We have brought this guide to make it simple for you to shop for various stylish kurta set for men. In addition, we help in selecting explicit colours and patterns as per the situation and occasion. We've provided some general advice on how to dress in kurta pyjamas for a variety of events and show off your traditional wardrobe to make a statement in this blog. Every individual aspires to be the focus of attention at an event. If you are thinking of something similar – let’s dig deeper to examine how to style your kurta pyjama to garner the photographer’s attention and talk of the event.

The Best Ways To Dress Kurta Pyjamas For Many Situations

Engagement Ceremony: The most perplexing functionis the Engagement one. As everything is so new and fresh in the bond, it is difficult to decide what to wear. Kurtas that are the proper size and fit might make you look charming. People will be raving about your fine apparel assortment, and the thread or zari embroidery on the kurta will leave a lasting impact. Wearing a dupatta will enhance its appearance if you wish to add a touch of history; if not, muted colours can be a good substitute. Moreover, cotton kurtas for men are suitable for summertime informal daytime situations.

Weddings And Their Functions: Regardless of gender, we all love to impress! Make sure to choose a kurta that is showy, adorned with a tonne of pearls with threadwork or embroidery, or interwoven with zari work, whether you are going to a ceremony or getting married. Dupatta, churidar and some accessories will add that extra charm to your personality. In short, your look will be complete. Prefer wearing dark colours such as maroon, red, black, green, wine and navy for wedding functions. You can experiment with an indo western kurta for men or a kurta bandi set as well.

Festivals: Festivities like Holi, Diwali, Eid, and Navratri demand flamboyant yet traditional kurtas. Selecting a silk kurta would be a smart move if you want to stand out among your peers completely. A festive kurta has bold hues and straightforward stitching. Yellow, light blue or a pastel-coloured kurta with appliqué or pattern will draw your attention for you.  During night time festivities, a kurta of a darker colour would make you look stylish and elegant. Choose a bottom that suits your kurta to complete the ensemble. If pyjamas aren't your thing, look for additional clothing alternatives, including churidars, dhotis, and salwars.

Casual Events: Men can wear kurta-style casual clothing as well. Casual kurtas are constructed of thin cloth and are generally plain or printed. These simple kurtas are not ordinary – even they can help you grab a lot of attention if you wear them correctly. The key to wearing a basic casual kurta is classy accessorizing and footwear. So, pick them wisely and slay the minimalism!.

Parties: You might imagine that you should forgo donning formal dress when you get invited to a party, such as a cocktail party, bachelorette, baby shower, marriage anniversary or birthday party, but this is in no way necessary. You can choose a short kurta to make it informal yet trendy. By choosing unusual colours, you may make your clothing distinguish you from other people without being flashy.

Kurta pyjamas are a cosy option anytime. It is said to be an essential item of attire for Indian men. A light and dark contrast always works when styling a kurta. So, keep that in mind! If you are looking for some super chic kurta styles for you –visit They are dedicated to enhancing your wardrobe with the newest clothing to keep you comfortable and stylish. So, visit them today and get set to shine at every occasion with ease.