Festival Fashion: Men's Kurta Sets For Diwali

The festive season is here and it's almost time for Diwali! So, what will you be wearing to this festival? Undoubtedly, you would want to display each costume in front of guests, especially on social media. You need to start shopping for attire that will help you seem professional. Do you struggle to make purchasing decisions? Rest assured that Koranm is here to help you as always. This Diwali, you may sport some amazing kurta set for men that we have gathered. Let's look without further ado!

Prefer A Fully Conventional Appearance

What comes to mind when we discuss traditional attire for men? It is unquestionably a dhoti! For decades, men have accessorised their dhotis in numerous ways with taste. Why not try it once more this Diwali? This concept won't be thought of by many people, which will help you stand out from the crowd.
You may complete your style and objectives by wearing it with a heavy or plain kurti in contrasting colours. We advise choosing the dhoti kurta sets for men from our website if you are worried about matching the two. You'll look stunning in either a plain kurta dhoti combo or one with an Angarakha style.

Choose To Wear Trendy Work

Everyone enjoys dressing up and wearing ethnic clothing from head to toe at festivals. Do you wish you the same? If so, choose to bling up your plain men’s kurta set instead. Heavy work on a men's kurta can make it seem significant. You can select a kurta with gota work, thread embroidery, or mirror work.
We can reassure you that it won't appear too much if you believe it could. In actuality, it will improve your sense of style. You may also choose comparable pieces like patchwork and embroidery to tone down the glittering look. To stand out, experiment with various designs and colours. What about a traditional white kurta pair with plenty of embroidery or a salmon peach Resham-embroidered one? Already picturing yourself?

Make A Sophisticated Statement

Do you want your wardrobe to reflect your personality? Please save this clothing idea for yourself. Use a stylish kurta for men paired with a bandi or Nehru jacket to give that royal touch. Wear a mild colour like a bandi jacket and matte grey patterned kurta combo for a more mature appearance. Alternately, go for vibrant colours for a cheerier appearance, like a mustard-print kurta bandi outfit. These sleeveless jackets are pretty adaptable. Any basic kurta may be turned eye-catching by teaming a plain kurta with a patterned, embroidered, or contrasting bandi.


Maintain Simplicity

For many guys, especially those who prefer to wear festive attire on ordinary days, an essential yet elegant ethnic dress is the most desired. Such males look best in an introductory style! We offer several simple styles for you in our selection of men kurta sets.
We offer a vast selection in this category to assist you, ranging from the traditional kurta pajama set to the fundamental kurta and churidars. The simple selection is unlimited, as seen by the navy blue and white stripe kurta set, the black and white striped kurta set, the ochre shade bandhani printed kurta set, the plain yellows, oranges, and reds.

Bloom With Florals

October and November are generally hot. God had better deliver us from the heat because Diwali falls in the same month. Wearing darker colours is never a good idea! What may be worn in its place, then? The ideal colour would be pastels, but isn't that too dull? Consider bringing in some lush vegetation with vibrant blooms and foliage. That is a fantastic concept!

Imagine donning a multicoloured flowery summer peach silk men’s kurta combo. You look stunning in that, don't you? This cheery-looking creative design is perfect for poojas, and Bhaidhooj, and may even be decorated for other formal occasions.

Grace In Elegant Lucknowi

The Lucknowi kurta and elegance go hand in hand all the time. Almost everyone looks good in a kurta of this style. It has a modern and vintage appearance. What if we tell you to wear a Lucknowi kurta set in a soft mauve or a bright yellow? A Lucknowi looks sharp, whether worn with chinos, jeans, churidars, loose bottoms, or trousers. These festive Kurtas for men from Lucknow is light and incredibly cosy. While doing so, it does not sacrifice style. In fact, it gives the personality more shine. Are you prepared to provide that charm to the Diwali party, then?

Get Pathani-inspired

Visualize yourself donning a pathani. Incredible, isn't it? Pathanis, however, have a completely different energy. Why not choose a distinctive pathani attire while everyone is experimenting with churidars and pants? The best option is usually a pathani set! Do you fear that it will appear too mainstream?
We promise you'll look classy wearing this. There are several pathani styles that will shine in this festival of lights, whether you want to get a basic white pathani with a blue printed bandi or a soft yellow embroidered apple cut kurta with a salwar.

Snuggle In Cozy Pashminas

If you become tired of wearing the same old styles, hues, and patterns, we advise you to give the pashmina fabric a try this time. Men's kurta pajama sets made of pashmina fabric are the definition of regal. It has a designer-like appearance and is often offered in various digital prints. This material is incredibly soft and works for practically all skin tones. Decorate these kurta for men with embroidery, patterns, or many colours for an attractive appearance!


How was it then? These designer kurta for men ideas really seemed stylish and safe. Most stars and influencers wear these modern styles and patterns since they are so fashionable. All the kurta sets described above are available on our website, Koranm.com, at reasonable prices and excellent quality. We offer a fantastic assortment of kurta for men online for everyone who wishes to look his best during Diwali. Browse our selection to find the most excellent items this year and easily buy kurta for men online.