Explore Ideas On Stylish And Comfortable Outfits for Groomsmen

Being a groomsman entails a great deal of responsibilities. There are, after all, so many things to do. Look for baratis, review the food menu, the DJ, the atmosphere - phew... the list is never complete till the big day. You are prone to disregard yourself during this ordeal. But don't worry, we are not going to let it happen.

We recognize how difficult it would be to buy for yourself between such errands. But keep in mind that your yaar ki shaadi will only happen once. This is also a good opportunity to create new memories. And there would be no memories if there were no gorgeous clothing during the wedding.

Kora will assist you in planning your outfits for each occasion so that you may appear at your finest. Let's have a look at some wonderful ethnic clothing for guys that we have in stock that you may wear to your best friend’s, cousin’s, or brother’s wedding.

Jodhpuri Suits

A jodhpuri suit for men is always in style. Its semi-formal appearance is ideal for making your wedding look stand out. It is a mix of modern and traditional elements, making it seem incredibly sophisticated when worn at such big events. The bandhgala adds a stylish touch to such attire. This pattern isn't limited to a single look. In reality, when it comes to a semi-formal jodhpuri set, you will find variety. Among the noteworthy ones in our collection are:

A pitch-black jodhpuri velvet suit is a two-piece outfit consisting of golden trousers and a plain black bandhgala with minimal side embroidery that completes the appearance. Combine this chic outfit with black boots for a completely dual-color effect.

A brighter hue for celebrations such as Haldi, Mehendi, and Sangeet is always a good idea. For such situations, we have created this yellow-printed Bandgala Set. The digital print of this clothing in yellow paired with white will complement your personality and help you stand out from the crowd.

Regal Sherwani

A designer sherwani for groom is not for the main man. Even groomsmen can adorn them if worn in a simplified way. We are sure you had plans to wear a sherwani at least one event. But thinking it to be mainstream? Not at all! At Kora, we have special sherwani for groomsmen as well. We have something fantastic in our store to answer this worry. Take a look at some of our most appealing wedding sherwani:

Do you want to wear an uncommon outfit? Something that not many people wear? If so, you will love the simple yet elegant navy embellished cocktail sherwani set. This sherwani effect is incredibly stunning as it does not look traditional all. The all-black appeal and patterned jacket with embroidery will up the ante at any reception or cocktails.

The foundation of every sherwani is heavy threadwork and sequencing. But what if we told you to play around with prints? Printed sherwanis are now fashionable, especially for summer weddings because they are light and simple to transport. An ocean blue jacquard sherwani set with a self-print flower design is ideal if you want a simple yet exquisite style.

Nehru Jackets or Bandi Sets

We think Nehru jackets with kurtas are an easy look. Do you understand why? It is so simple to style and flexible that you will absolutely kill in it no matter what occasion you wear it to. Day or night, the outfit will suit your personality well. Many Bollywood superstars are also killing it on the runways with this look. Kora's kurta bandi sets for men include the following:

How about a pastel at a party? We understand that many people dislike it for obvious cleaning reasons. But trust us when we say that white adds a refined touch. We have got you this pastel pink and blue cotton linen kurta bandi Set to make you stand out on any wedding occasion.

Adopting a completely conventional appearance might become tiresome. Let's breach that rule by wearing a Nehru jacket with pathani set. That is a possibility! Our yellow-printed soft hue pathani bandi set will provide an ethnic touch to your modern attire.

Kurta Pyjama Sets

If you are a simple guy, the wedding is intimate and somber, or the theme calls for it, Kurta Pyjama will come in handy. With hundreds of cuts, materials, and patterns provided, it ensures a polished look. However, we offer a large selection of kurta pajama sets, including some indo-western ones, but here are a few of our favorites:

Pastel colors aren't for everyone. If you feel comfortable wearing one of them, this indo-western kurta set is an excellent choice for poojas and sangeet ceremonies. The prints in abstract designs set it apart.

The eye-catching starry white mirror kurta from our collection is particularly popular because of its unique embellishment. This outfit's gorgeous color and fit are perfect for your cousin's wedding function.

Kurta Pyjama Sets

Have you seen some beautiful ethnic wear trends that you can wear on your yaar ki shadi? If you wear any of them, you will be the center of attention at the event. There is, however, more to ethnic wear for guys. Our website offers a comprehensive selection of men's clothing. All you have to do is look for your outfit in the comfort of your own home, and we will take care of the rest. We carry men's clothes in all sizes and of high quality since we want to provide our clients with an enjoyable online shopping experience. So, visit our website and have a look at our amazing collection that you may wear to your loved one’s wedding and shine as the best groomsmen.