Beyond Black: Daring Dash with Bold Tuxedo Colors for the Indian Groom

The Indian wedding scene is a vivid tapestry of traditions, rituals, and, of course, breathtaking attire. While the bride's outfit takes centre stage, the groom's sartorial selections are also quite important. Traditionally, black has been the preferred colour for the groom's tuxedo suit, providing a timeless and beautiful appearance. But for the modern Indian groom who wants to break the pattern and express himself, a world of thrilling tuxedo hues awaits!

At Kora, we think that your wedding outfit should represent your personality. So, reject the traditional black and embrace the flamboyant with these thrilling men’s tuxedo colour options available in our inventory.

1. Exquisite Wine That Exudes Sophisticated Charm

Wine is a rich, sumptuous hue that lends a sense of elegance to your wedding attire. It is the ideal choice for a nighttime ceremony, conveying timeless elegance. For a timeless look, pair a burgundy wedding tuxedo with a black satin bow tie and a fresh white shirt. A black cummerbund reflects Indian origin, while a white pocket square with a modest fold maintains everything crisp.

2. Exquisite Wine That Exudes Sophisticated Charm

White is commonly linked with the bride, but a well-tailored white men’s tuxedo suit can make a strong statement for the groom. It is a daring decision with boldness and modern flare! This design is ideal for a beach wedding or a midday event in a relaxing setting. Break off from convention by wearing a white tuxedo suit with a black or patterned bow tie. A black or silver cummerbund will provide definition while keeping the entire appearance clean.

3. Deep Navy Portraying The Classic With A Twist

Navy is a classic hue that provides a refined alternative to black. It is a versatile choice that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. While a conventional black bow tie and cummerbund work nicely, try a patterned pocket square in navy, white, or silver with this tux. This provides a bit of individuality without being too obvious.

4. Slate Grey Perfect For Understated Elegance

Slate grey is a contemporary spin on the traditional tuxedo. It is a calm, classy colour with an air of subtle elegance. Try this tux to appear the most unique groom of the year. This colour is hardly someone prefers. For a more formal look, pair a slate grey tuxedo suit with a black or silver bow tie. A black or grey silk cummerbund with modest embroidery would lend a hint of Indian heritage. A white pocket square with a simple fold maintains the overall appearance of crisp.

5. Classy Mustard For A Bold Choice Of The Daring Groom

For the genuinely daring groom, a mustard yellow tuxedo may be a show-stopper. This brilliant hue provides a sense of fun and flair to your wedding clothing. It is ideal for a daytime wedding or reception with a lively and celebratory mood. Keep the remainder of the outfit basic with a navy shirt. Avoid wearing a cummerbund, since it may create visual clutter. A white pocket square with a modest fold will add balance to the whole outfit.

6. Soothing Cobalt To Resprent Royalty Of The Groom

Cobalt blue is a rich, regal hue that conveys power and refinement. It is an excellent choice for a groom looking to create a lasting impression. For a traditional look, pair a teal tuxedo with a black bow tie and a fresh white shirt. A black cummerbund adds a touch of heritage, and a white pocket square with a simple fold produces a balanced appearance.

Accessorise Your Bold Tuxedo: The Finishing Touches

While the tuxedo is the focal point, the accessories truly improve your ensemble. Here are some suggestions for embellishing your flamboyant tuxedo for a wedding.

  • For a classic style, go for a black bow tie or cravat. It compliments all of the bright hues indicated above, resulting in a refined contrast.
  • Experiment with hues that match your preferred tuxedo colour. For example, a blue and white patterned bow tie complements a slate grey tuxedo, but a burgundy bow tie complements a wine-coloured tuxedo.
  • A pristine white pocket square with a simple fold, such as the presidential or puff fold, enhances the vivid tuxedo colours.
  • Classic black oxford shoes or elegant derby shoes in black leather are the ideal complement to any vibrant tuxedo colour.
  • Patent leather shoes give refinement to a more formal situation.
  • To avoid clashing with your vibrant tuxedo, use a minimalist watch with a clear face and black or brown leather strap.
  • Tuxedos from Kora do not need a cummerband. They are embellished and designed uniquely. However, adding cummerbund is all your choice.

The Final Touch: Confidence is Key

Finally, the most crucial item you may wear on your wedding day is confidence. It is obvious when you are comfortable with your clothes. So, select a strong tuxedo colour that shows your personality and celebrates your uniqueness. After all, it is your special day, and you deserve to look and feel your very best!

With Kora by your side, you can select a men’s wedding tuxedo that is as distinct and distinctive as your love story. Contact us immediately to set up a video consultation or visit our tuxedo collection online to get your ideal piece finalized.