5 Sherwani Styles To Look Out For This Wedding Season!

The wedding season is almost here! It is a time of pleasure and celebration. While there are unlimited options for women out there - men’s fashion collection is also emerging day by day. The best piece of clothing a man could wear this wedding season is the sherwani.

Sherwani for men is a classic and beautiful choice for Indian grooms and groomsmen, and they are available in a range of styles to suit every preference. For instance, you will find them in various colour schemes, fabrics, styles, textures, and cuts. But which one to select yourself is always a big question. Especially when there is a massive collection available, it is normal for you to feel confused.

To help ease your wedding shop, this article presents the top five popular sherwani designs from our collection that you can prefer wearing this wedding season. So stay relaxed as there is a sherwani style for everyone at our store. Whether you choose a classic designer sherwani or something more modern - we assure you won't leave empty-handed.

Classic Sherwani In Ivory Sherwani

Do you want to look like modern-day celeb grooms? What could be better than picking an ivory hue sherwani for groom? Vicky Kaushal, Ranbir Kapoor, KL Rahul, and the newest groom, Raghav Chadda, have been witnessed slaying in this muted colour. The traditional ivory sherwani is a fantastic choice for people who value timeless elegance. Check out the Royal Cream embroidered silk sherwani for groom to gain inspiration on this style.

Additionally, the best part of choosing ivory is its versatile hue that goes well with various accessories and looks fantastic in both daytime and evening ceremonies. You could either go with self-prints, plain, or threadwork sherwani with this style. Indeed, it lends a regal air to the groom's outfit.

Rich Tone Velvet Sherwanis

Since the wedding season falls in winter - it is ideal to wear a velvet sherwani for the main function. Velvet itself is a rich fabric that portrays luxury. Going for colours like black, brown, gold, blue, red, and green in this style of sherwani will make you appear distinct. Whether you are a groom or a groomsman - this sherwani is meant for all purposes. You may finish the appearance with a contrasting pocket square and a brooch. How about velvet bandi? Look how lovely the Navy and Antique Gold Embroidered Sherwani looks.

If you are a groom who is planning to wear this sherwani for wedding, don’t forget to style this sherwani with a dupatta. Imagine wearing a maroon embellished sherwani with golden churidar and contrasting dupatta. We are sure everyone would notice you if you wore it to the event!

Sherwani With Bandhgala Or Jodhpuris

The bandhgala sherwani is a contemporary interpretation of traditional Indian clothing. It has a high-necked collar, which gives it a regal and maharaja look. This design is noted for its simplicity and clean lines, making it an excellent choice for grooms and groomsmen who want a more understated appearance. It has a traditional look, which supports the idea of a full ethnic costume. Jodhpuri, which frequently contains a Bandhgala pattern, may be seen with rich Indian embroidery.

Choose a solid-coloured bandhgala sherwani for marriage or one with modest embroidery for a touch of refinement such as a french navy blue embroidered sherwani set. A heavy embroidered jodhpuri sherwani might not require any accessories, but if you choose a simple one, just adorn it with a magnificent mala, and you are set to attend a regal Indian wedding.

Sherwani With Indo-Western Fusion

We all know that Indo-western clothing has features from both Indian and Western civilizations. But is it appropriate for a groom to wear it at his wedding? Of course, yes! This is because an Indo-western sherwani for men fully respects ethnic attire. This type of sherwani is distinguished by its irregular cuts, slits, and unusual hem. Pearl White and Maroon sherwani kurta set from our collection is the latest example.

It is the finest because it eliminates the boredom of repetitive, uninspiring patterns. Indian-Western sherwani designs are also embellished with cuffs, stones, and buttons, elevating them to the pinnacle of fashion. So, consider wearing an Indo-Western fusion sherwani for a contemporary spin on your wedding wear. Experiment as much as you can!

Sherwani With Floral Print

Floral prints have made a strong resurgence in men's fashion, and they are now appearing in sherwani designs as well. A flower-patterned designer sherwani may offer a touch of charm and individuality to your wedding attire. And most importantly, it will not look feminine at all. Look at the Sunny Yellow Pearl Embroidered Sherwani Set. Despite being floral and pastel, it is charming and elegant.

This groom sherwani for wedding has the most classic styles with an undertone kurta sherwanis to simple embroidered ones. In short, there is a flowery sherwani to fit your style. Whether you favour modest and delicate floral themes or big and vivid patterns - it is a perfect ensemble for both grooms and groomsmen. If you are attending a destination wedding or daytime event - this design is ideal!


Choosing the perfect sherwani is critical if you want to leave a lasting impact on your wedding day. Explore the numerous styles available this wedding season and choose the one that best suits your personality and the subject of your wedding. Finally, the most important thing is to feel at ease and confident in your sherwani as you begin on this lovely path of love and devotion. So, purchase the finest royal sherwanis from Kora and be the handsome groom you have always wanted to be on your wedding day!