5 Must-Have Accessories to Elevate Your Sherwani

A few years ago, the traditional sherwani was the uncontested king of fashion, winning the hearts of men all across the country. Today, the adoration for Sherwani is still as strong as ever. The Sherwani is a distinctive type of traditional Indian clothing that represents grace, elegance, and a rich cultural past. However, the development has been remarkable, going from long to short to the current champion, the Indo-Western avatar.

Sherwanis are a major influence in fashion today - all thanks to their varied patterns, unique embellishments, and rich fabrics. These sherwanis designs have gained popularity among a sizable fashion-conscious population since they are effortlessly stylish and simple to carry.

As said, sherwani for men  has risen to prominence in the constantly changing world of men's fashion. But the real issue is how to design them so they stand out from the rest. Although playing with various bottoms and colours is common, but the appropriate accessories may take your outfit to new heights! There are options besides the usual dupattas and bands that might give your outfit a little additional pizzazz. You ask, what is it? Let's check it together, then!

Accessorizing Designer Sherwani Elegantly!

A sherwani dress for men may be styled like a painting, and the finishing touches are the accessories. If wearing jewelry isn't your thing, have no fear—a carefully picked brooch may still make a statement. However, there is still more! Explore our ideas to learn about the newest accessory additions that will elevate your sherwani game, especially as you get ready for the wedding celebrations or wear it as a groom.

Safa Or Turban

The turban, sometimes referred to as a Safa, is a classic piece of clothing that not only completes the look of a sherwani but also gives it a regal feel. A turban that matches the hue and pattern of your sherwani will give you a polished and matched image.

The turban may become the centre of attention in your outfit if it has elaborate embroidery or decorations. Whether you are a groomsmen or a groom, this headgear will surely elevate your look. As a squad, you can all match the turbans and be picture-perfect to represent yourself.


Your designer sherwani for groom will look better with the ideal sunglasses! However, this accessory only applies if the function is during the day. Sunglasses give your appearance more flair and character than just essential sun protection.

Select eyeglasses that fit your face shape: Aviators for a bold look, wayfarers for a classic look, and circular frames for a bohemian feel. Match your wedding sherwani  colour scheme to the lens colour, and dare to stand out with vibrant frames like royal blue or blazing red.

Consider taking style influences from Bollywood celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan. Make a statement with every step by transforming your groom's sherwani design appearance from plain to gorgeous with only a pair of sunglasses!


Your Sherwani may become a regal ensemble with the addition of a gorgeously draped dupatta. You might think it may look feminine - but that is not the case. Consider the time when Maharajas adorned their sherwanis with dupattas. They truly looked royal, and so will you!

The dupatta with a wedding sherwani for groom will give your outfit an air of elegance whether it is draped gracefully over both shoulders or just one. Choose a dupatta that matches the colour scheme of your sherwani, and for an added dash of glitz, think about adding embellishments like zari work or sequins. The dupatta gives your clothing a layer of cultural importance in addition to improving its aesthetic appeal.


When creating the ideal look for wedding sherwani for the men, decorate yourself with a dash of richness. A beautiful mala or a silver or gold necklace may make all the difference. This subdued addition has the ability to drastically alter how you seem.

Consider your skin's undertone while choosing jewelry to wear; use warm colours for warm undertones and cool colors for cool undertones. Blending gold and silver will provide a stunning contrast against subdued undertones, so embrace the avant-garde. Explore the world of flexibility by looking at jewelry set with eye-catching emeralds, a fashion that gives conventional elegance a modern spin. You deserve nothing less than exceptional for your wedding appearance!


Without the ideal pair of traditional shoes, no Sherwani costume is completely finished. With its exquisite needlework and decorations, mojris or juttis give your clothing a genuine feel.

When selecting a pair that either contrasts with or matches your Sherwani, pay attention to small features like threadwork, pearls, or sequins. These cozy and fashionable shoes expertly combine tradition and fashion, guaranteeing that you go out with unrivaled elegance.

On the other hand, style your designer sherwani for groom with current sneakers for casual elegance. Sneakers add a modern touch to the traditional look and seamlessly match the colours of your sherwani. They combine design and comfort. Remember, your choice of shoes, whether classic or contemporary, completes your Sherwani ensemble.


That concludes the topic of accessories. However, there are still a few more that may be worn, including modernized versions of watches, bracelets, pocket squares, and other accessories. It is time to usher in something fresh. But getting a lovely, brand-new, traditional sherwani must come first. The greatest place to get the most elegant and opulent sherwani online Kora. At our store, you may find sherwanis in different shapes, designs, and colours, which will definitely confuse you for good. Visit our online store now, buy sherwani online and thank us later for all the credits you get!