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5 Groom Sherwani Colour That Goes Perfectly Fit In A Monsoon Wedding

A monsoon wedding is a beautiful and romantic affair, with lush greenery and the earthy aroma of rain. While the bride's attire often takes centre stage, the groom sherwani is equally essential. It should be stylish, comfortable, and suitable for the monsoon season. But sherwani of which colour? By now, you might have searched for endless sherwani designs and colours. However, not all colours are meant for monsoons. We all know the colour theory of wearing dark hues in winter and pastels in summer. Colours in monsoon are always a big question!

For a groom, picking up the best sherwani colour can be pretty tedious. It is why, Kora has come up with this blog post. We want our grooms to shine and slay regardless of season. So, let’s explore five groom sherwani colours that are perfect for monsoon weddings. We assure you that with our choices, you will look dapper and complement the magical ambience of a monsoon wedding.


Evoke In The Dreamy Essence Of Pastel Peach

Pastel peach is a soft and delicate colour that exudes elegance and sophistication. Do you agree? There is a different charm about it! It is ideal for a monsoon wedding as it complements the lush green surroundings. Look at this pastel peach pintuck sherwani paired with contrasting ivory or cream-coloured churidar and a designer stole. It truly creates a harmonious and visually appealing look! Additionally, silk adds extra opulence to the outfit, and the embellished buttons are like the cherry on top of the cake. The light colour also helps keep the groom cool during the humid monsoon days. You can accessorise this colour clothing with gold or silver embellishments for a touch of opulence, and complete the look with a pair of mojris or juttis.


Royal Beige Can Never Go Wrong

Royal beige is a classic and timeless colour that adds a regal touch to the groom's ensemble. If your bride is wearing a maroon, red or pink lehenga, you must go with this shade as you will complement each other fabulously. Beige is a versatile colour that suits various skin tones and pairs well with different accessories. As you can see, this royal beige sherwani with intricate embroidery looks absolutely stunning. The bordered dupatta with this undertone sherwani looks magnificent! Combine it with a matching turban and footwear to elevate the overall look. This designer sherwani for groom is so rich in embroidery that there is absolutely no need to wear any neckpieces on it. Truly, this colour exudes sophistication and is perfect for monsoon weddings with its understated yet impactful charm.


Don’t Miss Out On The Grey Trend

Grey is a contemporary and unconventional colour choice that is gaining popularity among modern grooms. Opting for a glazing grey groom sherwani for wedding adds a touch of suave and sophistication to the ensemble. It is a neutral shade that complements various skin tones and pairs well with different accessories. A glazing grey sherwani with embellishment and a high mandarin collar creates a sleek and modern look. Look how beautifully this designer sherwani is paired with an all-grey stole and churidar. The jacquard silk kurta with buttons in the front exudes refinement. The dupatta also features embroidered borders leaving no space for emptiness in this sherwani. Imagine yourself wearing this outfit. You will definitely create an aura with an awesome personality and this sophisticated sherwani.


The Pastel Pistachio Breeze

Pastel pistachio is a fresh and unique colour choice for a monsoon wedding. It is a soothing shade that reflects the lush greenery of the rainy season. Now that the colour is fab – how about incorporating a lucknowi material sherwani into it? Yes, we have that too! A pastel pistachio lucknowi sherwani paired with cream or off-white churidar creates a refreshing and eye-catching look. Additionally, the dupatta adds a bit of a Maharaja touch. The delicate embroidery or intricate threadwork in this alluring sherwani adds a touch of elegance. The entire ensemble is curated in silk fabric, making it just perfect for a groom. You may complete the ensemble with traditional footwear like kolhapuris or juttis. Try to match this hue with the bride if possible, as it would exude a contemporary vibe.


Go With The Western Hue - Salmon Peach

Salmon peach is a vibrant and energetic colour that adds a pop of freshness to the groom's attire. Its warm hue complements various skin tones and creates a striking contrast against the monsoon backdrop. The ombre effect salmon peach sherwani is the best sherwani for groom from our collection! The intricate embroidery or embellishments in gold and silver looks captivating. The shaded effect adds an extra charm. Also, the ensemble has a salmon peach heavy embroidered dupatta in silk for flair. You can pair it with a cream or ivory churidar as it is available in the set for a balanced and visually appealing look. Adding traditional accessories like a brooch or a safa (turban) to complete the groom’s ensemble is a must!

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right sherwani colour for a monsoon wedding is crucial to create a stylish and comfortable look. The five colours discussed in this blog post - pastel peach, royal beige, glazing grey, pastel pistachio, and salmon peach - offer a range of options to suit different preferences and styles. You can get these sherwanis and many more on our website. Our collection is updated with current trends and seasons to help you slay.

Whether you prefer subtle elegance or bold vibrancy, the monsoon colours will ensure that the groom looks impeccable on his special day. Complement the chosen sherwani colour with appropriate accessories, footwear, and traditional elements to complete the ensemble. With the perfect sherwani colour, you will stand out and harmonize with the enchanting ambience of a monsoon wedding. So, visit our store today or have a virtual shopping experience with our professionals!

5 Groom Sherwani Colour That Goes Perfectly Fit In A Monsoon Wedding