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      Classic Cream Embroidered Wedding Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 1,44,000 Ships in 30 days

      Royal Peach Sherwani for Men with Intricate Threadwork 

      Rs. 1,17,585 Ships in 30 days

      Pearl White and Maroon Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 77,220 Ships in 20 days

      Salmon Peach Embroidered Pure Silk Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 76,255 Ships in 20 days

      Carnation Blue Embroidered Traditional Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 69,925 Ships in 20 days

      Pearl White and Khaki Embroidered Indo Western Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 63,295 Ships in 20 days

      Onion Pink Applique Embroidered Fusion Sherwani for Men

      Rs. 29,835 Ships in 20 days

      Discover Kora's Men's Sherwani Collection - Elegant and Majestic.

      Kora – a name for the best collection of sherwani for men! Here, heritage meets modern style and elegance. Since the wedding is the most important day of everyone’s life – we know how to make this day special. We, therefore, bring to you the regal appeal of sherwanis from our store that is painstakingly tailored to add pizzaz to your appearance on the special occasion. Enter a world of timeless refinement as we reveal the beauty, workmanship, and adaptability that distinguish our unique sherwani collection.

      Designer Sherwanis' Glamour: A Timeless Tradition

      A Wedding sherwani dress is more than just a piece of clothing! It is a statement of rich heritage and cultural grandeur. Kora recognizes the value of this classic outfit in men's fashion. From men who prefer something simple to those who prefer experimentation - our collection pays attention to every preference. Our sherwanis capture the essence of special events with a distinct combination of grandeur and modern flare.

      Unveiling The Collection of Sherwani for All

      Step into our online shopping world and enter the magnificent world of men's sherwanis by Kora. The selection has a wide range of designs ideal for functions like sangeet, haldi, reception, engagement, and other occasions. And guess what? All sherwanis are made with meticulous attention to detail! Every Wedding Sherwani set has a story to tell. Some are detailed with delicate embroidery, while some are embellished with heavy sequins. A glance through what we have is here!

      Simple Yet Elegant Classic Sherwani:

      Old is gold! Some people still prefer the traditional way of adorning a sherwani. Keeping that in mind, our designers have combined classic sherwanis with rich materials and subtle elegance to convey a bit of modernity with a feeling of grandeur.

      Royally decorated Groom Sherwani:

      Are you looking for a sherwani decorated with intricate decorations? These sherwanis for the groom are works of art that will captivate the viewer with elaborate beading, sequins, and embroidery. These ones are perfect Groom Sherwani that oozes royalty with beautiful glitzy work.

      Contemporary Finesse of Indo-Western Sherwani

      If you are looking for a contemporary sherwani, Kora is a one-stop shop to buy sherwani for men! These costumes blend a classic silhouette with current cuts, making them appropriate for various settings ranging from cultural events to fashionable parties. You can also adorn them for a wedding, especially as a groomsman.

      Fusion Ensemble for Youngsters

      Our fusion sherwanis give a novel spin on ethnic attire by fusing classic elegance with current trends. Jodhpuri Sherwani is the most hit in this category. You may find sleek and sophisticated pieces with minimal work or a Lucknowi touch for a fresh appeal.

      Outstanding Craftsmanship

      Every Kora sherwani demonstrates the stunning artistry that goes into its fabrication. Our experienced craftspeople bring each work to life, paying tribute to centuries-old traditions while combining modern aspects. They put their heart and passion into each piece, from the initial design concept to the final fabrication. Consequently, the designer sherwani for men symbolizes the ideal blend of tradition and modernity. Every stitch in Kora sherwani, be it an indo-western sherwani, a jodhpuri sherwani, or a Groom Sherwani– all contribute to creating memories that will endure a lifetime. We take great satisfaction in being a part of your festivities and ensuring you look and feel your best on your wedding day.

      What Makes Purchasing Sherwanis from Kora Special?

      Embracing Tradition

      The sherwani holds a rich history tracing back to the Mughal Empire, spanning centuries. In the past, monarchs and nobles donned this attire to showcase their royal stature. At Kora, we pay homage to this legacy by weaving history into every seam, letting you carry a piece of the past while establishing your own heritage.

      Enchanting Fabrics

      Our sherwanis are crafted from a range of luxurious materials that look stunning and feel exquisite against your skin. Each fabric, be it silk, brocade, velvet, or raw silk, is thoughtfully selected for its unique texture, ensuring you feel confident and comfortable.

      Virtual Consultations

      Are you unsure where to begin? Our online consultations connect you with one of our fashion experts, who will walk you through our selection. They will aid you in selecting the best sherwani for your preferences and the occasion's theme.

      Professional Fitting

      A well-fitted sherwani is essential for appearing your best. We have sherwanis in almost every size. Furthermore, our size guidelines and fitting professionals ensure that your sherwani fits perfectly, allowing you to move with elegance and dignity.

      Worldwide Reach

      Kora's sherwanis may be purchased all over the world. With worldwide delivery, you may enjoy the elegance and workmanship of our collection no matter where you are.

      Shopping A Sherwani Online Has Never Been Easier

      We realize the value of a pleasant buying experience, and our user-friendly website provides precisely that. Explore our designer sherwani collection from the comfort of your home, zoom in on fine details, and make an informed decision. Our sizing instructions and professional advice ensure that your selected sherwani fits you perfectly.

      Look At The Latest Kora's Sherwani Collection

      Kora's exclusive collection of men's sherwanis will elevate your look. Immerse yourself in the realm of luxury, where each piece is a work of art that symbolizes the magnificence of celebration and the soul of culture. Explore our online collection to find the right sherwani to complement your own style. Kora uses elegance to commemorate traditions and create memories.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Sherwani can be worn to formal occasions like weddings, celebrations, and engagement ceremonies. Since these ensembles convey elegance and sophistication, it is best to wear them at important events.

      You can find multiple Sherwanis on Koranm in a variety of materials such as velvet, brocade, silk, and jacquard. We recommend you choose a material in which you are comfortable. However, look at the season before finalizing one.

      Refer to the sizing chart on the Koranm website product page. Take exact measurements of your chest, waist, and hips. Select a size that matches your dimensions. If you are unsure, you may always contact customer service for assistance.

      Yes, Koranm has various Sherwanis to meet various budgets. You can narrow your search by price range to see choices within your pricing range.

      Koranm does not provide customization facilities. All clothing items are readily available on the website with an elaborative description that customers can refer to when buying.